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About us:

Outsourced Environmental (OE) is an energetic and vibrant company focused on delivering tangible solutions to our client base.

Outsourced Environmental commenced operation in 1999 and has grown steadily since that time through the effective delivery of services to clients in the agri-business sector of Australian and international industry. Clients have been drawn to OE from a diverse array of industries including - rural merchandise, chemicals & plastics, fertilizer & rural chemicals, with clients embracing corporate farmers and food processors, infrastructure and utilities sectors.

Our approach is to provide up-to-date, relevant information and services, which are tailored for the individual needs and circumstances of each client. Our commitment to the outsourcing industry is for the long-term - so for this reason we offer clients the security of continuity of service over time, partnering with them in their growth and supporting them with development of their business and industry. We aim to be sensitive to the unique culture of each client's industry, their expectations and business growth strategy - resolving holistic and sustainable solutions for each challenge addressed.

Our experience with a wide variety of environmental and sustainability projects provides an excellent platform from which to meet the needs of each client.

Our Mission:

Our business is focused on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Environmentally ...
  • Yesterday deals with historical land protection issues, risk management and cleanup, occupational health issues, employee case history,
  • Today is all about the issues of urgency now, legal compliance, emissions management, safety, people and behavioural issues,
  • Tomorrow is essentially about preparing for the future and investing to enable a sustainable business and the environment.

Our Motto:

People with Answers - If we don't know, we will find someone who does .....

OE Executive:

Jamie S. McMaster - Managing Director & Environmental Consultant
B.App.Sc.(Ag)., M.Ag., CPAg., CPSS

Jamie specialises in the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management Systems. He has worked in both the Irrigation, Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemical Industry over the past 12 years and brings experience in project management, EMS, Agronomy, Irrigation and Fertilizer Management. Since founding Outsourced Environmental in 1999 he has built a strong national and multinational client base in the food, chemical and agribusiness sectors.

Lewis McMaster - Director & Principal Horticultural Consultant
B.Ag.Sc, BA, MA

Lew has more than 35 years experience in the Australian Horticultural Industry both as Senior Research & Extension Officer with the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and for the past 17 years has worked as a private consultant. His expertise includes horticulture, agronomy, irrigation management, finance and project management.

Outsourced Environmental has a skilled team of employees and subcontractors enabling a wide range of expertise to be strategically and cost effectively assigned to client projects.

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